Hey there!

I am Shrey, a 20-something Indian girl who takes her tripod to places.

Yup, often it’s my tripod that is my companion on my errands. I developed a love for photography seeing my dad wander afar to find good shots and frames. It was majorly him and partly the internet that inspired me to try my hands at the camera, and before I knew it, I was already going for long self-organised photo-walks around my own city of Delhi, and beyond. However, I try to eke out as much as I can from the ordinary surroundings and present the view through my lens

I wouldn’t call myself a hard-core traveler, but I do have what they fancily call ‘fernweh’. I often find myself daydreaming about far-off seemingly fantasy lands, more because I want to capture and frame them. Consequently, one of my favorite pass-times is deciding a potential itinerary!

So The Trotting Tripod (T3) blog is majorly a collection of such frames, the pile of which I hope to grow over time. That, and some travel stories peppered with my thoughts and perspectives on the scenarios. T3 is not just a platform where I put a kaleidoscope of seemingly (and genuinely) aesthetic places, but also an attempt towards an artistic rendition of the beauty therein through words. Though many a times, it can also be a source of information for all readers in the form of itineraries, accommodation tips etc.

So let me take you on a virtual tour, showing you the world through my lens (metaphorically and literally). I hope you like it enough to drop by a comment and keep dropping by 😉

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